Letter from Our President

Dear OMF Members,

As your OMF President, I would like to take this opportunity to thank each OMF Board member, our members, past and present and, our extended vendor families for your continued interest and support for so many years. We will be celebrating another Anniversary in January and we could not have done it without everyone’s dedication and belief in our mission.   

Much of the focus on health care this past year has been directed toward reducing physician burden and “putting patients first” as well as controlling costs. I don’t think anyone would argue with these philosophies however, no matter what the latest recommendations, changes seldom are achieved without hard work, a period of adjustment and, some compromise.

Together, as a state organization, we have battled many issues over the years, our focus firmly on our patients having access to care and access to the appropriate medications that will treat their disease. Controlling costs is important to all of us, patients, clinicians and payer programs alike. We are entering another phase of programs that are designed to cut costs and improve quality. Our challenge is to try and understand the implications of these programs on our practice and patients and the care we provide.  There will always be new policies developed to control the flood of dollars. Our mission is to protect our patients and make certain that we watch for policies that could negatively affect our physician’s medical decision-making abilities.  Cancer care has always been patient care and quality of life first, our challenge is to see that never changes!

Michelle Smith Flowers
Oncology Managers of Florida, President