Michelle Flowers: Ensure patients receive right medicine at right time

The cost of health care is a major topic of discussion at the state and national level, and there’s no question that we must find ways to make it more affordable for patients — but we must make sure that we provide our patients with the best available treatment options based on efficacy and toxicity.

Unfortunately, the Florida Legislature ended its session with no real solutions for patients after seven years of working toward streamlined step therapy and prior authorization protocols to ensure patients receive the right medicine at the right time.

The Oncology Managers of Florida, a professional organization committed to providing a source of information and educational support as well as implementing changes in medical policies and governmental issues for oncology practice managers in Florida, has been working with state and federal policymakers to advocate for policies that maintain the physician-patient relationship to ensure the patient receives the right medication at the most appropriate time…

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World Health Organization ALERT

Dear Oncology Practice Manager,

Recently, the World Health Organization warned all health authorities in Europe and the Americas about a counterfeit version of Iclusig (15mg and 45mg formulations) that contain only paracetamol (Acetaminophen).

The counterfeits were initially identified by a licensed wholesaler in Switzerland who discovered they were counterfeit. Authorities have since identified them in other locations including on Internet websites. To date, this counterfeit has not been found in the licensed supply chain in America. However unlicensed wholesalers operating in America claiming to be Canadian have long been a source for counterfeit and substandard oncology medication.

Many Americans have been harmed but, your best way of protecting your patients and your practice is to follow the law and only purchase medications from licensed wholesalers certified by the Florida Board of Pharmacy. You can check the license of any pharmaceutical wholesaler at https://www.myfloridalicense.com/wl11.asp

It is not legal to purchase pharmaceuticals from an entity with a Canadian pharmacy or wholesale license. Both Canadian vendors and Florida oncologists have been prosecuted in Federal Court for purchasing medication and devices from licensed Canadian and other foreign entities.

To learn more about the compliance issues surrounding purchasing medication from unlicensed wholesalers, consider attending our September conference in Naples, FL, where we’ll have a one- hour Continuing Education Course that explains your obligations under Florida State and Federal law, and how to stay compliant with them. Please check our website after May 15th https://www.omflorida.org/conference to register for our September conference.


Michelle Smith Flowers
Oncology Managers of Florida, President