I am writing this letter to express my great appreciation for the Oncology Manager of Florida, Inc. This organization shows a great deal of passion in ensuring that the most pressing and updated information is presented at each conference. The Fall and Spring conference allow for all like-minded individuals to meet and collaborate on industry changes and how the changes affect them positively or negatively. The conference allows for brainstorming between directors, managers and pharmaceutical representative to solve pressing issues. This open dialogue leads to industry changes that can positively impact change for practices, hospitals and most of all the patients.
The thought-out detail of who speaks at the conference are greatly appreciated for it shows the organization takes into consideration how to effectively capture the attendees with information that is meaningful. Not only does the organization ensure that industry changes are discussed, they also ensure that they implant a burning passion within you with the motivational and change management speakers at each conference. Walking away with meaningful information can forever changes how an individual map out processes, communicate with employees or even change how they effectively communicate in their personal and professional life.
I feel and know my voice is heard when completing the survey feedback at the end of each conference. Having a voice within an organization lets me know that I am apart of change.
I truly benefit from being a part of this organization and attending the conference in the Fall and Spring.

Kankendria Ingram, BS-HSA
Florida Hospital Pharmacy Administration


I just want to say that I am thoroughly enjoying being a member of OMF. When I first joined OMF I didn’t really know too much about the organization. I was new to being the Billing Manager at my office and felt overwhelmed by obstacles. I had spoken to Michelle Flowers a few times with questions and concerns but never really got the full effect of what was all out there that OMF provided. Over the course of a year I have gotten a lot more intel and heads up on the many drugs that have had issues or new indications. Also, I have been able to get more questions that I have had with admin codes. Then in April I was able to go to the Spring OMF conference in St. Augustine. This was my first conference ever to go to as a billing manager. I was so delighted to be able to meet the drug reps and also meet others in the organization with me. It was so insightful to hear the speakers from the different companies from insurance to drug. I hope that we will continue as a whole over the many months to years to keep this organization going. It is a key to keeping us on track in the oncology world and to better assist our patients with the information provided. After all, Our patients are why we do what we do in the first place. We try to make it a better transition for them instead of making them feel like no one is on their side and all we want is money. So Thank You to everyone that has made this organization great and I can’t wait to see you all at the Spring Conference!

Andrea Brander
Emerald Coast Cancer Center