Take a peek

….take a peek at what is in store for you at our spring conference.

Charitable foundations – Filling the Gap for Oncology Patients – Rafa Raofi, HealthWell Foundation

As many of our patients are finding it harder and harder to pay all of their medical bills, Healthwell Foundation last year provided a financial lifeline to more than 117, 500 underinsured adults and children. Without this assistance, these patients might not have been able to afford their treatment. Ms. Raofi will teach attendees during her session how HealthWell can provide financial assistance to oncology patients through multiple funds, including a groundbreaking Cancer-Related Behavioral Health Fund. Utilizing the charitable foundations that are available can help you with your A/R bottom line and get those 20% balances paid.

Communicating with Tact and Professionalism – Deborah Peterson, SkillPath Facilitator

In a condensed 2½ hour training, broken up into two sessions, this highly interactive training program at its completion will help you feel confident and comfortable communicating with diplomacy, tact and professionalism. Communicating under pressure: you will learn how to be posed, calm and effective no matter what. Learn the secrets to getting the information you want. Diplomacy in action: learn how to manage conflicts and prevent communication problems. And last, learn how to be positively persuasive: getting people to buy into your ideas. This session can be applied to the workplace environment as well as in your personal life.

Risk Coding, the ingredients for success – Kim Perazzoli and Megan Persong

Just when you think you have learned all you need to know about coding, Risk Coding appears. What exactly is this? What purpose does this serve? How do I calculate risk? What is the provider’s role in Risk Coding and who does this? Do we have to do this? Tips for your documentation and coding. Commonly coded diagnoses used in Risk Coding. Their presentation is tailored towards Oncology coding specifically so you can apply this to your office. They will be available for a Q&A period following their presentation as this topic is very confusing to many of us.

Unveiling the PBM Curtain – Kathy Baldwin and Dawn Butterfield

For those practice that have an in-office pharmacy or are thinking about putting one in, you’re going to want to be here to hear this
presentation. They will discuss issues currently being seen in the community based setting such as: the practice’s in-office pharmacy fills the first script and then the PBM (Pharmacy Benefit Manager) takes over the refills. PBMs are currently unregulated and as a consequence, they are
doing things that would be considered questionable in other businesses. Patient access is being impaired when the patients have higher copays
and chemotherapy drugs are in the highest 2 tiers, meaning the patient may pay % of cost rather than a co-pay. Learn about how they are
working with other pharmacists on legislation to regulate PBMs which is being supported by the Pharmacist societies, including FSHP. Learn how
to get involved and stop what should be unlawful business practices by the PBMs. This could make the difference between your in-office
pharmacy breaking even or making a profit or even worse, losing money.

Pharmacy Standards, Managing the Inevitable Despite Uncertainty – Dawn Holcombe

Pharmacy standards on sterile compounding and on safe handling of hazardous drugs are currently under review right now and under revision
for December 1st, 2019. Attendees need to understand the scope and enforceability of these standards in Florida. Attendees will receive a
checklist for internal review regarding compliance gaps and opportunities for improvement. Learn how to set priorities and to develop a
strategic compliance plan for your practice and identify resources for compliance, training and facilities renovation.

Florida Oncology 2019 Update and Legislative News – Michelle Smith Flowers

E&M coding again is up for discussion and moving forward how it could affect your bottom line. FSCO coding and policy changes. Current
healthcare legislation, both federal and state, and how it affects your practice. Update on Medicaid fee schedule and coding. There will be Q&A
opportunities throughout her talk to answer your questions on these topics.

As you can see, we have an exceptionally engaging agenda for this conference and look forward to seeing you in Palm Coast at this lovely facility. As before, registration is free but you do need to register both with OMF and the hotel for room reservations before April 4th, 2019 in order to receive our special pricing.